The Situation

732 and 734 West End Ave, two sandstone buildings occupying the lot adjacent to 736 West End Ave, have been puchased by real estate developer Alan Sackman. His stated intention is to demolish these small structures and build a condo, which will abut our building. 720 West End Ave "The Williams Residence", is a senior living facility owned by the Salvation Army with over 300 residents, two of which are over 100 years old. PS 11, a public elementary school, is located directly across the street.

We are a group of concerned tenants of 736 West End Ave who have formed to demand that the proper inspections be carried out and, if our concerns are founded, ensure the proper steps are taken to ensure our health, safety and tenants rights. In the case that we cannot accomplish this task, our secondary mandate is to set up an notification and evacuation network in case of structural or environmental hazard and hold the responsible parties responsible in civil and criminal court.

While we acknowledge Alan Sackman's right to pursue this project within the limits of the law, we are very concerned:

  1. That the structural integrity of our building is in jeopardy; proper Buildings Department inspections have not been made; illegal and potentially dangerous internal demolition at 734 has already begun, and
  2. That toxic elements (including asbestos in the buildings and lead, mercury and PCBs under ground) will be released during demolition.